Same Old Jimmy (Prod. J57)

from by J57



Produced by J57, Bass Guitar by Symbo in 2006!

I made this beat in 2006 & had Audible Doctor's then groupmate, Symbo play bass on it. I put it on CD (or maybe my ipod?) and ran to fat beats (read: took the subway from my new Brooklyn apartment) to play this beat for everyone. I knew it was special and I was so excited to show the squad.

I get there and Audible Doctor & a bunch of ppl are chillin, helping customers, etc. I put the beat on unannounced, thinking everyone's gonna jump up and down / balloons were gonna fly out / and the team was gonna carry me off the field on their shoulders while chanting my name.

None of that happened.

I played the beat and a BUNCH of customers that were diggin in the crates immediately ran up to me asking what I was playing bc they wanted to buy it...and then my man Audible Doc strolls over with a concerned face that only a doctor (pun intended) would make while telling you that a loved one was not going to make it.

The good doc then told me how a new Dilla beat tape just leaked (late 2006 btw) and he had a beat almost the intro of the beat only though. We both agreed it was best that I didnt release it, so that the Dilla fans dont kill me for flipping the same thing as him.

So, I sat on the beat from 2006 - 2015 and then recorded this song for fun; freestyling all of the lyrics and even sang alot in the intro bc I was obsessed with the Weeknd's debut album at that point and thought i'd try it out -- wasnt good.. wasnt BAD ...but definitely was NOT good. Sooo I clipped the beginning of the song (the 1st verse which is all singing) and had it magically fade in as the intro of the song.

Then I recorded the 2nd movement in late 2016 while I was testing out some new vocal plug ins for pro tools. I imported a drumbreak from my J57 "Drumbreaks Vol. 1" (shameless plug) and I recorded me doing a bunch of voice stuff over the drums, to create a beat and then I freestyled the verse little by little and then inserted all the soundbites (which are mostly me) a day or two later.

I'm glad this beat's seeing the light of day almost exactly 11 yrs later -- yup.


from Sonic Boom Bap EP, track released September 27, 2017
Mixed by: Tenacity
Mastered by: J57


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